Countrywide Settlement

“If you obtained a loan from Countrywide Mortgage between 2004 and 2008 you may qualify for a monetary settlement pursuant to a settlement reached by Countrywide/Bank of America with the United States Department of Justice on December 22, 2011 for damages resulting from discriminatory practices of said companies in the way in which they wrote home mortgages between the years 2004 and 2008.

Please contact 866-700-7777 or fill out a claim through the Offices of Bruce M. Hayman, PLLC”


  1. Antonio Gamez Escalante says:

    tuve un credito con countrywide en diciembre 2005 , el cual fue refinanciado dos anios despues , perdi mi casa en junio 2011 numero de credito 144857334 a nombre de Antonio G Escalante mi telefono personal es 480 234 7059

  2. Erick Castillo says:

    I also had a loan thru Countrywide between 06-08 lost my house
    just received a check from them. my question is how do they determined how much each client get back?

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